Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Photography is hard...

Making things is easy. I like making things. But it turns out that in order to sell them, I need to photograph them... It's not that I don't know how to use my camera, I know all about the white balance, ISO settings, f-stops and so on, it's just that when I point it at the things I've made and click the picture takey button (I'm all about the technical terms), what shows up on the screen is not what I'd hoped for... I've taken literally thousands of photos that I've ended up discarding because they just weren't good enough. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just being too picky... :p  Maybe I should stop looking through other people's shops with green eyed envy at their seemingly perfect photos!

Here's one I took today, not sure if I'll use this one or not as it's got a lot of dead space in it, but I quite like the softness and the colours in it, it reminds me of snow...

I've spent the last couple of days photographing some of the new jewellery I've made recently, but as per usual I'm not so happy with most of the pictures... I'll be starting again in the morning and spending another day on it! :p  I'm hoping to have a complete overhaul of my jewellery shop done in the next week or so, I've also made a new shop banner which I like much better than the old one...

Hopefully I will soon be more satisfied with my shop!  :)  I'm trying to concentrate on getting the more autumnal jewellery listed first, and some of the opal jewellery as it's October's birthstone. Here are some pumpkin looking earrings I took new photos of today:

Lots more work to do yet, I'll post again soon with some updates, or possibly more crankiness, depending on how it goes...  Please feel free to fill the comment section with any photography related crankiness of your own you may have!  (Or helpful tips!)  ;)


  1. Okay, so I just found you in the Etsy forums...and these photos are amazing in my opinion. If you revamp your Etsy shop with photos like these you'll be running! Awesome:)

  2. I think your photos are great, your being too hard on yourself

  3. your pics are awesome!!!!!
    sooo eyecatching and they display also very well the items!!!!

  4. I like the photos as well. The pumpkin earrings photo I really like. The light with shadows gives it a scary halloween feel. Love it!!
    I agree with GemmaJoy, you are being too hard on yourself. Great jewelry!!

  5. these are pretty- i always prefer shots with white or light space in the background so the dallas