Saturday, 29 August 2009

Knitting, Tea & Rodney...

Yep, that's all you need for a wet & windy Saturday.  A nice hot drink, some easy knitting and Stargate Atlantis (aka the Rodney show). :)

So that's my Saturday. Anyone else doing anything fun? Let me know...

My room looks very cold and blue here, but that's just the poor lighting from the grey and cold skies (coupled with a slightly overexposed shot, sorry!) it's nice and cozy really. :) And it doesn't usually feature oddly arranged furniture either; I turned the TV around so I could see it from my desk while I was making jewellery the other day, but today I felt like knitting and couldn't be bothered to drag it back around (it's heavy!) so I dragged the chair across the room instead.  (No, I'm not lazy, I'm energy efficient...)

Sorry for the randomness of this post! I am sleepy... :p

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  1. Hi! I'm waiting that hubby do BBQ, you can read the post on my blog too...
    this is my late Saturday then!!! :O)