Friday, 21 August 2009


Hello! Welcome to my new blog! :) 

A while ago I started up a different blog, one related to one of my etsy shops. I started it with the idea that I would use it to promote my shop and the jewellery I make. A great idea in theory, but who wants to read someone's advertising? Not me! I didn't even want to write it... That's where I realised my mistake - instead of keeping a blog that is essentially a tool for promotion, I should keep a blog that I actually like! Seems like a no-brainer really, but I think it's easy as a seller to get carried away with trying to be successful, and to forget to actually enjoy yourself...

So here we go with a new start! I will post some news from my shops as well, but mostly it will just be filled with random things that I like. I hope you like them too!  :)

Mr P welcomes you! 


  1. What a "sweetie" ...Mr. P

    Looks just like my daughter's cat "Punky"